Launch Roadster’s limited-edition 13-pocket-jeans online and build the brand’s digital credentials.




We challenged a man to survive for 48 hours in a box with only the contents of his 13 pocket jeans. And the help of fans on social media.

A product demo with heart, soul, wit and zero fiction involved, Pocketmanlive was a 48 hour long interactive and semi-scripted product commercial. In order to demonstrate the immense utility of the jeans, the idea was to prove that its pockets could fit in everything a person needed to survive for a good 48 hours. The live-on-candid-camera live streamed human experiment was hosted on an interactive campaign microsite that allowed users to stalk and talk to Pocketman via Twitter. With his jeans at the centre of his triumphs and struggles, people were encouraged to pitch in with tips and tricks as he hacked his way through the 2 days. A massive repository of shareable content was created live as he cooked up nifty inventions, mini movies and a whole lot more with the 60+ items from his pockets. 48 hours later, he hadn’t just collected an army of fans and proved the products mettle, he’d redefined the formula of ‘the product launch commercial’ in India.


From pulling hacks out of my own pockets at idea presentation stage at the client's office, to eventually co-directing the live drama on screen via whatsapp, everything about this project was something to write home about. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be able to pen a 48-hour long shooting script, scouring the internet for quirky hacks along the way. The script had to be carefully detailed out keeping in mind Myntra's peak traffic hours. The shooting floor and camera choreography had to be carefully planned for maximum dramatic effect. We worked with Alam Ara films for production and direction. We were fortunate to work with Eric Monjoin, a stellar actor and human being of Heineken fame. The live drama was hosted on a website with shopping integration and planning the UI for this was immense learning. On D-day, 48 hours of live social engagement including contests and challenges helped define the story as it unfolded. Highlight videos were planned, edited and uploaded on the spot. In just 48 hours, we had 21 million impressions and 400k unique website visitors. A few months down the line and Pocketman was the star of our award shelf.