From Conception to Direction  

Zago, India’s first health drink, saluted Bangalore as the fittest city. To commemorate this, we shot a series of fit blokes doing the Human Flag, at landmark locations across the city. These included Vidhana Soudha, Jewels De Paragon, Sankey Tank Lake and Freedom Park. Watch all four videos here.

This video above is a montage of all 4 films. I directed these films. Working on production with our supremely talented in-house producer, we went location scouting to some of Banaglore's most iconic locations. Talent scouting was no walk in the park, but we're glad we walked the walk. We shot on the Red Epic with a Ronin. Tremendous amounts of learning on the go about the working of this camera and gimbal. Lots of lessons learnt on the fly about post processing and editing footage from the Red. All in all, one of my most treasured assignments to date, and just another example of how when you put your mind to something you haven't done before, you stop being a have-not.

When clients don't buy your ideas, do them anyway.

Sometimes you believe in something so much that you go out and do it anyway. Two days before Mother's Day, I was convinced this had to be done. 24 hours and hundreds of phone calls later while sitting at a police station, a producer had offered his studio free of charge, a cinematographer friend brought the lights and the camera, and over 9 people and their pets were on the call sheet, ready for action. On a budget of less than Rs.10,000 and a whole lot of good intentions from every single animal lover involved, this pet project and labour of love made it just in time for mother's day. It isn't perfectly produced, but it makes its point perfectly well.